Puppies born 18th september 2017

For lot's of pictures visit our picture page. 
And then, so fast you can't immagine, 8 weeks later..... 
The first puppie will leave very soon. Anabella is already here to pick up
HER Yixpryma..  
We spend a few days together and on Monday Yixpryma will leave for a 
very long trip to Slovenia. O I will miss this girl......  
Sunday 5-11
We visit David Mair with his very nice pack of dogs. The puppies are not 
familiar with this size of dogs. And it was so nice to see how they grow
in this dog familie. 
They all react totally different. 
Yazzi was very insure in the beginning, she needs time to watch it all and feel 
more comfarlable. She didn't run away but  find a safe place from when she could see 
Youri would make some contact with the dogs and wasn't really afraid. But he needs the
support of a pair human legs. From there he could see everything and came closer and
closer to the big dogs step by step. On the end he was walking between the dogs. 
Yixpryma was intersted in the dogs, but it was verry scarry for her when the big dogs
were intersted in her too. She needs a little time to be confiderd that those dogs were big
but not scarry. When she find out she walk in the pack of dogs, but she keep her attention on 
something unexpctable. 
Yolinne feels comfortable in this pack of dogs verry soon. She walked far awys from me or
other safe legs. She was not in the middle of the pack of dogs, but shows some intrest in dogs
what came to her. So she was close to the dogs, but prefere one by one and not all together. 
Thank you David to give uw this opportunity
Saterday 4-11,
What a busy day the puppie had today. First we went to a little zoo in the
neighberhood. We show the dogs lot of people and childeren, but als the 
animals, birds, ducks, the donkey, raccoons and the camels. Then it start raining 
and we went for a drink in the restaurant and back home. 
In the evening Pyca her family came over for visit the puppies. 
Lot's of playing and hugs with the childeren. 
Tuesday 31-10
Today we went to a gardencentre with the puppies. 
That was very exciting, so mutch to see and so many people that 
will give you attention.  
With two people and both a puppie in our arms it was hard to make 
a lot of pictures, but we made a few, see the picture page. 
Monday 30-10
Puppies 6 weeks old today.  We did al lot of playing inside. The puppies find out the
hole in the door and could play in the garden. 
Yesterday I took them with me to a competition in a horse area. 
We let them meet some horses and I took them inthe cantine to meet
lots of people and hear some different sounds. 
Now they can run and play so mutch the fun realy start. It's so pitty it's just 
for 2 more weeks...
Thurseday 26-10
Pups are 5 weeks old now, we introduce more toys. Of course the 100 balls
and we took them to the woods. They enjoy the lot of smells outside and
they love to play with the balls. But the don't need the toys all the time, they 
can play together so mutch and nicely...... Till that moment you think they will
kill each other. 
More pictures on the picture page.
Thurseday 19-10
This was a wonderfull week for the puppies.  Verry nice sunny weather makes that they can go in the 
garden everey day. So for 4 weeks old puppies, lot to explore in this big wide world. 
For nice outside pictures se the photopage.. 
Also a nice week to bring in a lot of people. My Nephew Arnout was here for a visit today. He has a favorite dog.....
Thursday 12 october  (3.5 weeks)
Puppies growing so fast and develop really well. They leave the puppiebox every day now and can play in 
a part of the living room. My other dogs can als visit the "new" Puppieren. Dizzely and Gyula love the little ones 
but the other dogs are less enthousiastic. 
Last week we start feeding them. I use the Esbical milk (ready in a can) and let them use to eat.  
Unfortnatly one puppy has a little prolaps and went to the vet yesterday. Now she is doing a little better. But 
needs some medicine and massage to get the swollen part back to normal again. 
Last week we had a lot of visitors plying with the puppies, mother Pyca didn't like that so mutch, but now when 
they have more room she is more confortable with it. 
30 september,  First (wo)man standing
27 september, all puppies double their weight. 
25 september puppies one week old, slowly they open their eyes.
22-9 Sleep, eat and grow every day a little more.  Puppies doing really good. 
From left to right:  Charbonee female 380 gram, black female 324 gram, black male 428 gram, fauve female 414 gram
From left to Right:  Fauve female, Black male, Fauve charbonee female, Black female.  Pyca en haar pupjes 
doen het erg goed. in de 1e 12 uur zijn ze al in gewicht toegenomen. 

 Nabyz and Pycoucha


Le Quadrupède Loyal Nabyz                        X             Le Quadrupède Loyal Pycoucha



Stamboom v.d. pupjes

Pedigree of the puppies