Le Quadrupède Loyal

Welkom op onze pagina, laat u meenemen in onze wereld. Deze bestaat uit Pyreneese herdershonden a face rasé, Chinese Crested powder puff en vooral veel Agility.

Welcome on our homepage, you can take a look in our world. Our world with the pyrenean shepherd face rasé, the chinese crested powder puff and a lot of Agility.


Puppy plans 2017

23-07-2017 22:47
Nabyz and Pycoucha expect puppies on the end of september.  Follow them on the special puppie...


29-12-2016 21:21
Nabyz, Gyula and Dizzely all 3 qualified for the championship of ARL. 

puppies 2017

29-12-2016 21:20
We planned a new littler in the summer of 2017

website update

29-12-2016 21:19
We put some new pictures on the website